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2024年4月24-27日 | 俄罗斯, 伊尔库茨克市



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April 27-30, 2021, we would like to invite you to participate in the ‘Siberian food products. Packaging. Equipment’. Exhibition will become an effective platform for dynamic development of your business, let you to find new consumers and strengthen partnerships, expand the sales market and strengthen the positive image of your company. It will provide an opportunity to demonstrate relevant, high-quality and competitive products, equipment and technologies to industry specialists, managers of food, processing and trade enterprises, entrepreneurs and consumers.

Exhibition organiser: Sibexpocentre OJSC - a member of the Russian Union of exhibitions and fairs, the leading exhibition organisation of Baikal Region.

Exhibition programme includes:

  • ‘Angara region products’ regional event;

  • Irkutsk Novelty tasting competition of food;

  • Round tables, seminars on actual topics for manufacturers of the food and processing industry;

  • Presentations of food products and work- shops from participants.


  • Meat and sausage products, semi-finished products;
  • Milk products;
  • Fish and seafood;
  • Bakery and confectionery;
  • Drinks: water, non-alcoholic drinks, juices;
  • Fruit and vegetable products;
  • Beekeeping products;
  • Packaging. Equipment and technologies for packaging;
  • Raw materials and ingredients for the food and processing industry;
  • Technologies and equipment for food and processing industries;
  • Trade equipment, trade and exhibition furniture, accessories, inventory;
  • Control, cash register, weighing equipment;
  • Refrigerating, freezing equipment;
  • Cleaning equipment and inventory;
  • Disinfectants. Sanitizers, antiseptics.

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