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February 24 2021

‘Realty fair. Mortgage. Loans’ exhibition has ended in Irkutsk.

The 19th ‘Realty fair. Mortgage. Loans’ exhibition was held at the ‘Sibexpocentre’. Traditionally, the exhibition demonstrated current offers and industry trends, government and commercial mortgage programs, banking products and related areas. It is important to note that this year exhibition had an additional exposition, related to the design- ‘DESIGN- IMMERSION’. The exposition brought together professionals of the market: interior designers, decorators, interior stylists and photographers.


Director General of ‘Sibexpocentre’ noted: ‘‘Realty fair. Mortgage. Loans. DESIGN – IMMERSION’ is the most colorful and marvelous exhibition this time. We have created an event that is pleasant to come and see. We have gained experience of working with a team of designers, which we will definitely continue since the city missed events of such a level and such beauty. We receive a lot of calls and also receive feedback of visitors about this event. When the exhibition ends, designers and we will discuss new joint projects, because such event should not be the only one.


Exhibition programme included two parts: a half of speakers made their reports for all the visitors at the stage of the first pavilion. Professionals of the industry had its own program at he the conference-hall.

At the opening day, the Baikal representative office of the RSUD hold a conference on topic ‘Transformation of Territories. Creation of creative and public spaces’. At the same day there were ‘Tour of CRM RealtyRuler’ headed by Evgeny Lazarev. Participants discussed services for the interaction of realtors and developers. Evgeniy spoke about mobile applications, telephony, automatic uploading of objects to websites, as well as a selection of objects for clients.


On February 19, there were ‘Design conference’ of Maria Tingaeva. Decorators, interior designers and stylists, interior photographers, magazine publishers, etc., were making their presentations during the day. On February 20, there were Interdisciplinary session ‘Local design. Local and Global’ from the Baikal School of Design. At the last day of the exhibition Garage-sale opened its doors for visitors. Everyone could by decor and painting items at lower prices.


On February 18,19, 20 speakers from Union of designers and representatives of Kerama Marazzi, City of Lights, STO, Flugger, Murbaikal, SuperOkon Atelier, LSR Group, Delight, JUNG, Glass and Mirrors Center, etc. made their reports for the visitors of the exhibition.

There were about 40 participants of the exhibition. Among the participants there were developers, banks, real estate agencies, various design and interior decoration studios. At the closing ceremony of the exhibition, companies that actively participated in the exhibition received their awards and showed the original design solution of the exposition.


We hope that this is not the last event of this format in Irkutsk and the design and architecture sphere will flourish in our city!



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