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October 24 2021

Agricultural fair will be held on October 26-29 at the ‘Sibexpocentre’.

‘Agricultural week’ fair is an annual event organized with the assistance of Ministry of Agriculture of Irkutsk region. This year event will be held on October 26-29 at the open-air area of the ‘Sibexpocentre’.


Autumn is the most colourful and ‘tasty’ time of a year. It is a season, when we harvest a lot of crops, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and berries. With the ending of harvesting season, we usually sum up the results of the agricultural year. So that is the reason why ‘Agricultural week’ fair is held right after harvesting season ends. ‘Agricultural week’ coincides with the celebration of Agriculture and Processing Industry Workers' Day.


Main manufacturers and big agriculture companies come here to participate in fair and demonstrate their products. Among the participants there are large companies, farms and individual household plots of our region and Russia. This year more than 50 participants will present their products at the exhibition.


Every participant will have an opportunity to purchase best products of well-known Irkutsk and Russian companies: honey, dairy products, vegetables, meat and sausages, fish and seafood, vines and many other products.


Would you like to purchase natural and good products? If so, we are waiting for you at the ‘Agricultural week’ fair!

Organiser of the exhibition: ‘Sibexpocentre’ OJSC is a member of Russian Union of trades and fairs, Ministry of agriculture of the Irkutsk region.