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November 4 2020

‘Baikal jewelry salon’ exhibition is opened at ‘Sibexpocentre’

From 4 to 8 of November every resident and guest of Irkutsk can come and see the beauty and miracles of jewelry craftsmanship. Hundreds of exquisite jewelry and souvenirs made of precious and semi-precious stones, gold, silver, copper and other materials are presented at the stands of ‘Sibexpocentre’. The variety and splendor of the exhibitors ' masterpieces is amazing, and no doubt everyone will find jewelry to their taste.


At the opening ceremony of ‘Baikal jewelry salon’ exhibition co-founder of the Union of Stone Cutters and Jewelers of the Baikal Region Smirnov Alexander Nikolaevich made his welcoming speech:

Dear friends, I am glad to welcome you to this celebration of life! Unfortunately, this time it is held without the ‘Silver Babr’ competition, but we guarantee that the competition will be held next year. Today we have exhibited the products of our both well-known and novice craftsmen in a separate exposition of this salon. So you can come, see and evaluate the constantly growing skill of people, see their work. We hope that next year the exhibition and competition will be held in full format. Thanks!


Traditionally, Director General of ‘Sibexpocentre’ OJSC Andrey Gennadievich Shapovalov made his speech and declared exhibition opened:

Dear friends, I join with the previous speaker and just add: it is really a pity that this year the ‘Silver babr’ competition is not held. It is the icing on the cake. But I would like to assure you that ‘Sibexpocentre’ will do everything to make this competition take place in 2021. We hope that the circumstances that prevented us this year will go soon. Many thanks to everyone who helped us in preparing this event, to all the visitors who came today and those who will come tomorrow. I declare the ‘Baikal Jewelry Salon’ open!


It is important to note that you have a unique opportunity to buy jewelry you like directly from manufacturers on affordable prices. Moreover, everyone have a chance to get bonuses and discounts. We are also glad to inform you that every visitor can participate in the lottery and win set of jewelry in white gold, diamonds and London topaz from one of our participants - Auruss Golden! To participate, you need to make a purchase in the amount of 3,000 rubles or more and receive a ticket when making a purchase. In addition, white gold earings with diamonds, various silver jewelry, bijouterie, gifts and souvenirs will be raffled off. Lottery will take place on November 8 at 1 pm


We invite you to visit ‘Baikal jewelry salon’ exhibition from November 4 to 8 and find jewelry of your dream.