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March 25 2021

Opening ceremony of the first TexStyle exhibition

Bed linen, towels, knitwear, knitted toys, handmade dolls, crafts made of epoxy resin and ceramics, paintings, dishes and decor items- all of these items you can find at the ‘TexStyle. Textiles. Fashion. Handmade’. The exhibition opened its doors on March 25 at the ‘Sibexpocentre’. The event presents both goods and interesting events of the business and entertainment program.

Открытие выставки TekStyle

The opening ceremony was accompanied by the fashion show of ‘Liberty’ studio. Main features of the show were models of the 50+age. Nina Mokritskaya, a designer of the studio, presented her collection ‘Sportchic’ to the visitors of TexStyle exhibition.

Открытие выставки TekStyle

During the four days of the exhibition, you have the opportunity to attend many interesting events. For example: On March 26, at 2pm starts business program of the exhibition ‘Marking of goods of light industry’, ‘Issues of regulation of taxation for small and medium businesses’, ‘Who are the self-employed, how to get this status and what does it give’. Round table will be held under the patronage of Rospotrebnadzor for Irkutsk region and Inspection of the Federal Tax Service for the Irkutsk region. We believe that event will be interesting both for self-employed and IE, but also for small and medium enterprises.

Открытие выставки TekStyle

For all the visitors there will be an interesting program filled with workshops, where they will be able to make some nice souvenirs:

  • ‘Basket’ made from knitted yarn

  • Decoupage of glass bottles

  • Jute angels

  • Charity master class for beginners ‘Socks for  kids’

  • Painting of porcelain decorative items with acrylic paints

  • Bouquets from sweets

  • Charity event ‘Blanket of good’ from the All-Russian club ‘40 stitches of Good’

In addition to the workshops, visitors will see Fashion show organized by ‘Liberty’ studio. On March 27 there will be ‘Felt from head to toe’ fashion show. At the same day everyone will be able to attend concert.

Открытие выставки TekStyle

It is important to note Charity event ‘Blanket of good’ from the All-Russian club ‘40 stitches of Good’. Club was established in 2017 year and included 63 cities of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. ‘40 stitches of Good’ club supports orphanages and nursing homes to make people living there feel our care. Today we have a unique opportunity to contribute to their support: bring your self-made blanket to event and give it to the club. After the exhibition members of the club will bring it together and give to those who need to feel our warmth.

Открытие выставки TekStyle

More detailed information can be found on our website: https://sibexpo.ru/events/tekstyle.html

Event will be available to attend on March 25-28 from 10:00 to 18:00 at the first pavilion of ‘Sibexpocetre’.

Открытие выставки TekStyle