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September 18-20 2024 year | Russia, Irkutsk


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Detailed information about the exhibition will be available later.

If you want to take part in the exhibition, please contact the exhibition manager by phone or mail indicated in the "Contacts" submenu.

Sections of the exhibition

  • FORESTRY: Equipment and technologies for forest management, logging equipment and machinery, means of transport for forest transportation, tools and implements for forestry, instruments and devices for measuring and recording, control facilities.

  • WOODWORKING EQUIPMENT. Sawmills, wood-sawing machines and equipment. Equipment for the manufacture of forest products. Equipment for conditioning and compensatory wood aging. Tools and implements for woodworking. Robotics.

  • WOODEN HOUSE CONSTRUCTION. Designing and construction of wooden houses. Means of protection, finishing and care of wood (paint-and-lacquer materials, adhesives, sealants, wood protection). Equipment and engineering systems.

  • NEW!  FURNITURE MANUFACTURING. Equipment, machines, tools. Furniture fittings and components, upholstery and paint-and-lacquer materials, materials and new technologies for furniture production, automation programmes.

  • FOREST PRODUCTS. Construction and finishing materials based on wood and wood waste, pulp and paper products.

  • PROCESSING OF WOOD WASTE. Equipment for manufacturing of biofuel (fuel briquettes, pellets (granules)). Equipment for preparation, transportation and storage of wood waste.

  • OTHER. Investment and leasing structures, banks, consulting. Software. Science and vocational education. Publishing houses specialising in literature on woodworking (and furniture) industry.

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