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‘SibWoodExpo»’ exhibition ended its work in Bratsk.

Closing ceremony of 27th International ‘SibWoodExpo-2020’ exhibition was held in Theater and concert centre ‘Bratsk-ART’. Exhibition demonstrated the most modern technologies in the field of the timber industry and helped entrepreneurs to establish new business contacts.

Закрытие выставки SibWoodExpo 2020

Director General of ‘Sibexpocentre’ OJSC Shapovalov Andrey Gennadievich made his speech at the closing ceremony of the exhibition:

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the exhibition, everyone who was involved in the business pro-gramme, and those who found the opportunity in this difficult time to make our project for the 27th time and for the second time in the city of Bratsk successful. I think it is a right decision. The exhibition is over and I strongly believe that next year`s exhibition would be more interesting. But we also shouldn`t diminish the meaning of this year exhibition, because it was held under such difficult circumstances and it was quite valuable.

Закрытие выставки SibWoodExpo 2020

At the closing ceremony the following person were awarded with letters of appreciation:

·       Dmitry Valerievich Petrenev, Acting Minister of the Forestry Complex of the Irkutsk Region

·       Gerasimov Roman Anatolyevich, Deputy Minister of the Forestry Complex of the Irkutsk Region

·       Sergey Vasilyevich Serebrennikov, Mayor of Bratsk

·       Yakovlev Alexander Alexandrovich, Deputy Mayor for Economy of the city of Bratsk

·       Ilya Sergeevich Sitov, Rector of the Bratsk State University

·       Smolina Svetlana Aleksandrovna, Director of Theater and concert centre ‘Bratsk-ART’

·       Bratsk State University was also awarded with diploma for the active participation in exhibition

Закрытие выставки SibWoodExpo 2020

On behalf of Administration of the city of Bratsk, the Chairman of the Committee for economic development of the Administration of the city of Bratsk Artem Melnikov thanked all:

The ‘SibWoodExpo’ exhibition, which was held in our city for the second time, has ended. We are glad that despite all the difficulties, it was held at a high level. We hope that everything that we have planned will be implemented, possibly on an even larger scale. See you again!

Next, Ilya Sergeevich Sitov - Rector of the Bratsk State University made his speech:

Thank you so much for the opportunity to join the process of organization of the exhibition! Thank you for the three days during which we presented our university and had a unique opportunity to communicate on the discussion platform. I hope that the exhibition was not in vain, and everyone got more contacts, changed experience. We will wait for the 2021 exhibition.

Закрытие выставки SibWoodExpo 2020

Traditionally, participants of the exhibition were awarded with golden and silver awards and diplomas confirming participation in the exhibition.

Representative of ‘IVEKO-ANGARA’ also made his speech:

Our Company would like to thank organizers for the great chance to participate in such event. During the event, we made a major deal on the sale of a timber truck, which we are very pleased with! Thanks for the good useful exhibition!

Закрытие выставки SibWoodExpo 2020

Business programme of this year exhibition touched upon all the urgent problems of forestry industry. Speakers discussed current trends and problems of logging production, problems of sawmilling and deep processing of wood, talked about reforestation and growing planting material with a closed root system, fighting forest fires, and also noted an important topic of construction and operation of logging roads.

Закрытие выставки SibWoodExpo 2020

The main event was the plenary session ‘Topical issues of the development of the Siberian and Far East forest complex at the present stage.’ In addition, Round table dedicated to the compensatory reforestation in the Irkutsk region was held by the Ministry of forestry of the Irkutsk region. There were also ‘Problematic issues arising in the development of forest development projects’ round table. At the conference hall guests had chance to participate 2 round tables dedicated to the the protection of forests from fires and protection from harmful organisms, as well as solving the problems of the development of the timber industry at the present stage.

Закрытие выставки SibWoodExpo 2020

Companies from different regions of the Russia participated in exhibition, present their services and products. Among the participants are companies from Moscow, Perm, Irkutsk, Bratsk, Kovrov, Krasnoyarsk, and Barnaul. Even representatives of the foreign companies from Sweden and Germany applied to our event.

Закрытие выставки SibWoodExpo 2020

The activities of the event participants cover all aspects of the forest industry: production of industrial equipment and machine tools, professional woodworking tools, all types of sawmills, machine - building enterprises, supply of spare parts, wood-cutting tools, consumables for repairing and sharpening saws, hot water, thermal oil and steam boilers, equipment for preparing pellets and briquettes, maintenance of construction, road, forest equipment, spare parts for special equipment and much more.

Закрытие выставки SibWoodExpo 2020

It is important to note that International ‘SibWoodExpo’ was successfully held in Bratsk for the second time and was undoubtedly useful for entrepreneurs. All the participants of the exhibition did their best: at round tables and sessions important issues related to the timber industry complex were considered, topical issues were raised and answers were found to all the questions that arose. Representatives of different companies gave the necessary consultations and shared opinions, signed new contracts and found business contacts for further cooperation.