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On April 14-16 specialized exhibition ‘Transport and roads of Siberia. Special equipment’ will open its doors at the ‘Sibexpocentre’

This year a lot of new companies will present their products and services. Representatives of the machine-building plant ‘Becema’ (Krasnoyarsk) will acquaint the visitors of the exhibition with their enterprise, which implements the full cycle of production of special-purpose vehicles.

The Perm Gunpowder Plant will demonstrate its own cold plastic used for road marking.

‘Vira’ company from Tomsk, which produce and install polymer soundproof screens along the roads in Ulan-Ude, Ivanovo, Krasnoyarsk, Ryazan, Moscow. List of exhibitors can be found on our website:sibexpo.ru/events/transport2021

As for the open air exposition of ‘Transport and roads of Siberia. Special equipment’ exhibition, there will be a huge number of machines and equipment : a truck, municipal road vehicles, a bus, mini-loaders, the first timber carrier in the Irkutsk region that runs on methane. Visitors will be able to see these and many other special machines!

We strongly recommend to specialists of the road industry to read about the business program of the exhibition. Anyone can sign up for a free two-day Japanese seminar ‘Building roads in cold regions’. On the second day of the exhibition, we invite specialists from the road construction and transport industries to the job fair. Perhaps you will find a job in your specialty!