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2021年3月25-28日 | 俄罗斯, 伊尔库茨克市




Textile. Fashion. HandMade.

An event that brings together manufacturers, designers and sewing experts in one place.

The popularity of sewing in our region is growing year by year. A lot of new sewing schools open its. Designers, cutters and private sewing masters are working.  

TEXSTYLE exhibition – is a territory where professionals of the industry can find everything they need: fabrics, equipment, fittings, and accessories.

Our project is intended to become a platform for business and creative communication between clothing designers, craftsmen and simply interested parties. We prepared extensive business program with master classes, presentations and fashion shows.

Visitors of the exhibition will see a wide range of textiles, interior fabrics, designer clothes and accessories.

Exhibition program includes following workshops:

  • ‘Basket’ made from knitted yarn

  • Decoupage of glass bottles

  • Jute angels

  • Charity master class for beginners ‘socks for  kids’

  • Painting of porcelain decorative items with acrylic paints

  • Bouquets from sweets

  • Charity event ‘Blanket of good’ from the All-Russian club ‘40 stitches of Good’

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  • Clothing. Fashion. Design
  • Salon of linen. Underwear fabrics
  • Fabrics for the production of clothing
  • Home textiles, decorative and interior fabrics
  • Yarn and strings, accessories.
  • Ancillary and related goods, components
  • Equipment