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The ‘World of Style and Beauty’ exhibition was held for the 11th time in Sibexpocentre

No matter how trite it may sound, beauty in all its manifestations has an amazing force, it enchants amazingly and creates a unique atmosphere around itself. Visitors of the ‘World of Style and Beauty’ exhibition held on November 15-19 in Sibexpocentre were able to feel this effect. 

For 5 days the first pavilion of the exhibition complex became the venue of creative fashion shows, professional competitions, informative and effective master classes, beauty-presentations, consultations and, of course, the multifaceted exposition of the exhibition supplemented the general impression. And all this was devoted to the most various directions and services in the field of beauty industry. 

Participants presented at the exhibition a wide range of all kinds of cosmetics and manicure and pedicure materials, innovative technologies and developments in the field of cosmetology, hairdressing art, various novelties of cosmetics and decorative means, professional instruments and equipment for beauty salons and offices, natural and mineral cosmetics and many other things. And the most important - all these things could not only be purchased, but also visually seen at numerous themed master classes.  

Within the exhibition programme, there was the Selection Round of the first International ‘BROW FEST professional’ Championship of brow-masters and masters of microblading. 44 masters from Irkutsk took part in the competition. Among the Russian cities in the qualifying round also Kaluga and Simferopol participated. The competition, being a momentous event for the beauty industry in the region enables participants to demonstrate their skills and abilities, improve their professional level and get into the rating of the best masters of the world.  

The jury members of the Qualifying Round noted the high level of skill of the Irkutsk contestants, including beginners in the ‘Junior’ category. All participants and prize-winners received gifts from partners and sponsors of the event, the prize fund of which has made more than 500,000 rubles. The winners of the qualifying round gained the greatest number of points in the ‘Junior’, ‘Master’ and ‘Top Master’ categories were given an opportunity to participate free of charge in the finals of the ‘BROW FEST professional’ championship in Krasnodar in 2018. In addition, the transfer from the city of residence to the venue of the Final and back, as well as accommodation during the time of the ‘BROW FEST professional-2018’ Final will be paid for the best in their categories BROW-masters.

The First International Conference for brow-masters and masters of mikroblading became one more important event. Speakers from Irkutsk, Ust-Ilimsk, Krasnodar, Moscow and Kaluga performed at the event. In the format of master classes they presented the most current trends and technicians, acquainted masters with the author's techniques, answered questions and made the recommendations. All demonstrations took place on models which allowed participants to see results of the work in live.

Besides, at the exhibition the premiere of the event took place - for the first time in Irkutsk there was the NAIL-buttle organised by the E.Mi School of nail design of Ekaterina Miroshnichenko. Seventeen participants performing in the ‘Junior’ and ‘Master’ categories competed in the following nominations: ‘Modeling with gel on forms’, ‘Design of nails. Subject: ‘Russian Winter’, ‘Combined manicure with a gel-varnish covering’. In each nomination about 6 winners were defined. The general prize fund made more than 100 00 rubles.

Traditionally, the exhibition was attended by eminent masters of the beauty industry. Georgiy Zhukov - master of international class, Founder and Creative Director of the Georgiy Zhukov Education training educational project for hairdressers, the numerous finalist of Russian Hairdressing Awards - conducted two master classes on the scenic platform of Sibexpocentre, devoted to the most actual tendencies of male and female haircuts, as well as to popular coloration techniques. During his performances he told about the correct construction of classical forms and creation of individual, creative ideas, based on the ratio of the shape, proportion, texture of the hair and style of the client. Also George answered the questions of the audience about his coming into the profession, told what tools he uses in his work, shared his secrets of skill and gave recommendations on hair care.

— Today in all directions, whether clothes, make-up, hairstyles, the 90's prevail. It is time of the universal style relating to grunge subculture therefore the trend extends both to women, and men. Short textural hairstyles, short bangs, decoloured hair, combination of classics hairstyle supplementing by creative details. And as the 90th is also musical rave culture, the bright elements allowing to express yourself are added to paints — Georgy Zhukov emphasised.

Alexandra Kristoforova - 17-year-old trainer-makeup artist, leading make-up artist of freshMinerals mineral cosmetics, founder of Make Up GURU - held a series of master classes on the unique properties of mineral make-up, features of its application and benefits of this type of cosmetics. She noted that the visitors of the exhibition take interest in modern trends of make-up and are open to the new. In addition, the freshMinerals stand where for several days the master classes were held, the regular customers of the brand and representatives of the beauty industry came.

In general, the exhibition programme was filled with various master classes, seminars and presentations, which were held non-stop. Nail studios, manicure and pedicure schools for 5 days conducted more than 150 master classes, during which they told and demonstrated by examples all the latest trends in nail design, modern techniques of manicure and pedicure, presented various types of coatings, nail plate strengthening products from the leading brands.

Hollywood, wedding manicure, aerography on nails, jewelry inlay, bas-relief manicure, Chinese air and cut-and-dried watercolor painting, business lady manicure, New Year's manicure - all this and many other things could be learned for free at the exhibition.

Students of studios, beauty and style centres demonstrated visitors bright original defiles and presented their collections of wedding, evening hairstyles, as well as casual hairstyles.

The many-sided exposition of the exhibition was also complemented with the companies providing cosmetology services. Daily at the stand of the Microsurgery cosmetology centre it was possible to get free of charge advice and also to visit a master class and in more detail learn about various procedures. Also within the programme of the exhibition the Possibilities of Modern Cosmetology, How to Avoid a Complication and Side Effects from Procedures’ lecture took place on the scenic platform. Julia Mikhina, Doctor Dermatocosmetologist, Head of the Department of the ‘Microsurgery’ cosmetology centre told in detail about the most popular procedures of injecting cosmetology, about what effect they help to achieve and how to behave before, during and after the procedure in order to maintain the maximum effect and avoid complications.

Besides, for the first time the AGP Group Korea Company from South Korea participated in the exhibition and presented healthcare products of esthetic medicine.

Sergey Pak, cofounder of AGP Group Korea:

— In Korea the cosmetology is very developed; therefore we present the newest and progressive technologies at the exhibition. At our stand it is possible to see the products of esthetic medicine intended for use in salons and studios of beauty and also the cosmetics for home care is presented by us. All our medicines which are based on hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxins, were developed not so long ago, but are already in great demand around the world.  

The final event of the exhibition was traditionally the festive closing ceremony, which summed up the competition on the best exhibitor.

The golden star of the exhibition was given to: Esenia San LLC, E.Mi Ekaterina Miroshnichenko School of Nail Design, Avenue 11. The silver star of the exhibition was awarded to: BEST NAILS Company, Nadezhda Stepanova's nail studio, CITY NAILS Company.

After the awarding ceremony, the prize drawing from the Cairo store was held.

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