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The 23d ‘Agricultural Week’ exhibition completed its work in Sibexpocentre

On October 27 in Sibexpocentre the main agricultural exhibition of the region – the ‘Agricultural Week’ exhibition completed its work. The event traditionally acts as a bright finishing chord of a season of agricultural works in Angara Region.

Over 100 agricultural producers from Irkutsk and Irkutsk Region, Ulan-Ude, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar, Ufa, Velikiye Luki, Kostroma, Kansk, Barnaul, Kalach, Moscow, Mongolia presented their products at the exhibition this year. In addition, at the open site of Sibexpocentre, within the traditional annual Fruitful Angara’ agricultural fair, visitors of the exhibition were able to try and purchase the freshest products of 48 farms of the region.

In addition to the fact that the exhibition is dedicated to the Day of Agriculture Worker, Food and Processing Industries of Irkutsk Region, this year it is also dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Irkutsk Region. In honour of the anniversary in the second pavilion of Sibexpocentre, Usolye, Alarsk, Irkutsk, Ekhirit-Bulagat, Osa, Kachug, Zalarinsk, Kuitun, Bokhan, Chuna, Bayandai districts presented their achievements in the field of agriculture, as well as the products of local agricultural producers, shared their experience in implementing the system of continuous agribusiness education.

Ekhirit-Bulagat district was the first in which the pilot project of continuous agribusiness education was started and successfully implemented, it presented at its stand the ‘My Village’ composition, at which works of pupils of children's preschool institutions and general schools were presented and the algorithm of interaction of all participants of agribusiness education system was visually demonstrated (kindergarten - school - agrarian college - agrarian university).

On the first day of the exhibition, the third Baikal Pelmeni festival was held which has become already traditional, organised by Komsomolskaya Pravda publishing house and Sibexpocentre Exhibition Complex.  Within the festival master classes were conducted by the chefs of Mayak and Uzbekiston restaurants, where they presented the author's versions of pelmeni with omul in the form of fish, with raspberries, fried with mushrooms and onions. In addition, mantas were presented, and not only classic, but also black ones - with cuttlefish ink.

Also guests of the exhibition have tried the most tasty pelmeni of local producers – the Usolye pig farm, Osa-Agro, Belorechenskoe Agricultural Public Joint Stock Company. The national cultural centres of Irkutsk Region treated visitors with dishes analogs of the Russian pelmeni: Pelmeni in Korean - Mandu, Belarusian sorcerers, Tatar-Bashkir meat pelmeni - chumar, Lithuanian virtiniai with lard and potatoes, as well as Uzbek chuchvara.      

The championship on high-speed eating of pelmeni became one of the most anticipated events of the festival. Also the results of the competition of chastushkas which was announced by Komsomolskaya Pravda on the eve of the Baikal Pelmeni festival were summed up; a lot of prizes and gifts were taken from the partners of the festival.

The highly topical business programme of the exhibition permitted all-round to consider problems and the prospects of development of the regional agrarian sector. A keynote of the first round table of the programme - ‘Scientifically based technologies, technical ensuring agricultural production and processing of production of agrarian and industrial complex of Angara Region’ - was the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation on creation of own production technologies, storages, processing of agricultural products, creation of own seed and breeding fund.

In the opening speech Ilya Sumarokov, Minister of Agriculture of Irkutsk Region noted that in farms of the region the complex system of use of fertilizers, ameliorants and means of protection of plants in the field crop rotations providing from one hectare to 50 centners of grain is approved. The multicomponent fodder mixes of field cultures allowing to obtain from one hectare of crops 38-45 centners of the fodder units balanced on basic elements of food are applied.

In addition, the head of the establishment noted that special attention is now being paid to the issue of transition from the application of Western innovative technologies in agriculture to domestic ones. In this regard, the Ministry of Agriculture of Irkutsk Region has increased the amount of funding allocated for scientific research, and for the period from 2018 to 2020, 10 million rubles will be allocated to this sector annually.
During the speech at the round table ‘Continuous agribusiness education - the way to solve personnel problems in the countryside’,
Aleksandr Kirilenko, First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Irkutsk Region noted:

- The issue of shortage of cadres in the countryside is a very sensitive and hot issue. Today, there are a lot of people who want to talk on this topic, but, unfortunately, graduates of both higher education institutions and technical schools do not particularly strive to return to the village. Most of them settle in the city. Our most important task is to return the cadres to the village. For this purpose in 2014 the concept of continuous agribusiness education was put into practice, to which a full chain of fostering and educational institutions, from kindergartens, schools, technical schools, higher education institutions, practically all agricultural producers and 4 ministries of Irkutsk Region is currently included.

Inga Shaidurova, Head of the Employment and Vocational Training Department of the Ministry of Labour and Employment came up with the decision of the problem of staff deficit in villages, which consists in the organisation of regional internship base for both senior students and young professionals. In addition, she emphasized that an important professional tool for providing the agricultural sector in the regional economy is active vocational guidance. 

On October 26, within the business programme of the exhibition, the ‘Implementation of the Sustainable Development of Rural Territories in Irkutsk Region for the Period 2014-2020’ round table was held, during which industry experts and representatives of municipalities discussed measures to create conditions that would improve the level and quality of life in rural areas, support of complex arrangement of settlements with objects of social and engineering infrastructure, development of housing construction in rural areas.

— In Irkutsk Region according to the ‘Sustainable Development of Rural Territories’ programme it is planned to enter 11830 thousand sq.m of housing which is 3,5 thousand sq.m more, than in 2016 - Ilya Sumarokov, Minister of Agriculture of Irkutsk Region told at the round table. Besides, he has emphasised that in the rating of the subjects of the Siberian Federal District on the amount of funds of the federal budget directed to improvement of living conditions of citizens, young families and young specialists, Irkutsk Region shares the first place with Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Within the round table there also was rewarding of participants of the competition of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation ‘For achievement of good results in the sphere of sustainable development of rural territories’ and winners of the first regional ‘The future of the village through the eyes of the child’ competition of the children's drawings.

During the rich business programme of the exhibition, Ilya Sumarokov, Minister of Agriculture of Irkutsk Region met with the Russian Union of Rural Women Irkutsk Region Organisation and the Committee of Rural Women on Sustainable Development of Rural Areas, the ‘Modern Family Farms and Their Contribution to the Food Security of Irkutsk Region’ book was presented.
Also within the exhibition there was the Irkutsk Brand closed tasting competition. The event is annual and promotes the
advance on the regional market of high-quality food and beverages to the regional market, the introduction of highly efficient food production technologies using high-quality, environmentally friendly raw materials. This year, 16 enterprises submitted to the expert commission 56 samples of products, including dairy products, semi-finished meat products, confectionery products, bread, and non-alcoholic beverages.

As Irina Remezova, Chairman of the Commission of Competition Experts, Head of the Department of Food, Processing Industries and Sales of Products of the Ministry of Agriculture of Irkutsk Region has noted, this year the set of the qualitative, interesting samples of products made according to the original recipe on the basis of local raw materials were presented for the competition. All remarks received by the enterprises at the competition last year were taken into account therefore the level of quality of production grows every year.

Results of the Irkutsk Brand competition were announced at the closing ceremony of the exhibition. As a result, 30 enterprises of food and processing industries of Angara Region received gold medals, 13 — silver medals and also 6 -diplomas for participation in the competition.

Besides, at the closing ceremony the results of the competition on the best exhibitor were summarised. Aleksandr Kirilenko, First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Irkutsk Region summed up the results of the ‘Agricultural week’ exhibition and also congratulated participants and visitors on successful holding of the event:

— The agricultural enterprises of Angara Region excellently showed themselves at the exhibition, showed top results of work for the year, showed very tasty and qualitative food products. All these days I was at the exhibition: we have held 4 round tables, 5 events, the tasting competition. I communicated with visitors and participants, watched their reaction and I can tell that all were satisfied with the ‘Agricultural Week-2017’. I think this year the last year's record of attendance of the exhibition will be broken. Thank you all!

Then the most active participants were handed diplomas and also gold and silver stars of Sibexpocentre. The highest award – GRAND PRIX of the exhibition - were awarded: Ministry of Agriculture of Irkutsk Region, Ehirit-Bulagat district municipal formation, YANTA group of companies, Usolsky Svinokompleks integrated agricultural production centre, Sayansky Broiler LLC, Irkutsk Bakery Plant CJSC, Karavai JSC.

Gold Stars of the exhibition were received by: Irkutsk district education, Belorechenskoye PJSC, Okinsky agricultural production cooperative, Zalarinsk District municipal formation, Kachugsk District municipal formation, Kuitun District municipal formation, Bayandai District municipal formation, Irkutsk State Agrarian University named after A.A. Ezhevsky, Bolsherechenskoe CJSC, Agricultural cluster of Irkutsk Region, ‘CENTRE of support of small and medium-sized businesses in Irkutsk Region’ Fund, VITA LLC, KIPREI LLC, Trade Organisation Centre LLC, Urozhai Trademark, Baikal Agricultural Company LLC, Baiflor LLC, OPTOSERVICE LLC, Olkhonsky Agricultural Consumer Sales, Processing, Supplying, Service Cooperative. 

Silver star of the exhibition were awarded: Osa District municipal formation, Alar District municipal formation, Usolye District municipal formation, HELIOS JSC, OBLAGROSNAB CJSC, ‘Irkutsk City Station on Fight Against Diseases Of Animals’ regional publicly funded national institution, IRKUTSKAGROREMONT OJSC, Irkutsk Interregional Veterinary Laboratory FSBI, Irkutsk Trout LLC.

The 23rd ‘Agricultural Week’ exhibition-fair finished its work, but preparations for the exhibition of 2018 have already started. We are waiting for participants with new ideas and suggestions. Until next time!

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