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In Sibexpocentre the Agricultural Week exhibition was opened


On October 24 in Sibexpocentre the 23rd specialised ‘Agricultural Week’ exhibition began its work which is traditionally dedicated to the Day of Agriculture Worker, Food and Processing Industries of Irkutsk Region.

Ruslan Bolotov, Acting First Deputy Governor of Irkutsk Region - Chairman of the Government of Irkutsk Region made a welcoming speech at the ceremony of official opening of the exhibition:

— Dear guests and participants of the exhibition! On behalf of the Governor and the Government of Irkutsk Region I welcome you on this already traditional, remarkable holiday of agrarians. This year was quite successful. We reached to the record indicators on collecting grain, and we can and should be proud of it. Agrarians of our region are engaged in very important issue — provide residents of the region with the main food. It is very a good indicator for Irkutsk Region we strain after. Accepting the budget for 2018, we have paid attention to the fact that the volume of support was not only kept at the level, but also was increased in many positions. The funds will be directed to the development of vegetable growing, meat cattle breeding and other directions to provide with products not only our region, but also to enter other markets. Our task today is to develop not raw sectors of economy, and it is one of components of the general work. We look with optimism to the new year. I wish all participants fruitful work and good luck in the coming agricultural year.    

Then the participants were congratulated by Sergey Brilka, Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Irkutsk Region with the opening of the exhibition. He noted that regional agrarians this year have achieved good results and confidently provide residents of Irkutsk Region with eggs, chicken meat and potatoes. However, for example, beef, pork, milk are still imported from other regions. And this is precisely the fact on which it is necessary to work. In order the agrarians become stronger, more reliable and more self-sufficient in 2018, the support of agricultural producers will exceed 2 billion rubles.  

— It is pleasant to see that the results which are demonstrated by agricultural branch of the region are growing every year. Moreover, Irkutsk Region is among three leaders of Siberian Federal District on yield capacity and milk yields — Ilya Sumarokov, Minister of Agriculture of Irkutsk Region emphasized — Therefore the fact that Irkutsk Region brought 6 gold, 11 silver and two bronze medals from the ‘Golden Autumn’ exhibition which was held in Moscow at VDNKh at the beginning of October— I consider it is a worthy result of which it is possible to be proud.   

Besides, the head of the establishment announced the preliminary data on harvesting in 2017. The final results will be known in November, however now it is already known that this year regional agrarians got the record crops of grain – 860 thousand tons.


— We have developed the Development strategy of agro-industrial complex of Irkutsk Region according to which by 2020 we plan to collect 1 million tons of grain. For this purpose there are all prerequisites: support of the government and deputies of the Legislative Assembly, financing is increased. Besides, we provide the new directions of support, such as input of an unused arable land in use. This year we have already inputed 39 thousand hectares of long-fallow lands — Ilya Sumarokov said. 

Another speaker was Dmitry Baimashev, Chairman of the Agro-Industrial Union of Irkutsk Region, Nonprofit Partnership of Food and Processing Industries:

- A big harvest this year is not only in Irkutsk Region, but also in Russia. There is such a joke that we, agrarians, have two misfortunes - harvest and crop failure. We already felt the crisis of overproduction in the past, and this year. And the more we work, the more restless we live. I think that this exhibition will help us find solutions. I want to congratulate everyone on the opening of the exhibition, wish you excellent health, and the guarantee of this is the consumption of only local products.

Andrei Shapovalov, General Director of Sibexpocentre has also made a speech at the opening ceremony:

- I sincerely want to congratulate all our agricultural producers on the occasion of the exhibition opening. And, of course, I would like to thank all those who are here today, because it is really a remarkable holiday.

After the opening ceremony, Ruslan Bolotov, Chairman of the Government of Irkutsk Region presented diplomas to the participants of the 19th Russian Agricultural Golden Autumn-2017’ exhibition, which was held on October 4-7 in Moscow in the VDNKh Exhibition Complex. The Ministry of Agriculture of the region presented the exposition of the agro-industrial complex of Angara Region in the ‘Regions of Russia’ section dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Irkutsk Region. At the stand the directions of development of the agro-industrial complex and its scientific potential, economically significant projects were demonstrated.

Then the officials got acquainted with the exhibition. They started from the second pavilion, where in honour of the 80th anniversary of Irkutsk Region the municipalities of the region presented their achievements in the field of agriculture, products of local agricultural producers, and also shared their experience in implementing the system of continuous agribusiness education.

In addition, on the first day of the exhibition, the third Baikal Pelmeni festival was held, organised by Komsomolskaya Pravda publishing house and Sibexpocentre Exhibition Complex. Guests of the exhibition will be able to taste delicious pelmeni of local producers. Also, all visitors had the opportunity to try dishes from the national and cultural centres of Irkutsk Region, who presented their analogues of Russian pelmeni. Pelmeni in Korean - Mandu, Belarusian sorcerers, Tatar-Bashkir meat pelmeni - chumar, Lithuanian virtiniai with lard and potatoes, as well as Uzbek chuchvara.     

Guests of the festival also could see master classes from Irkutsk chefs who presented author's versions of pelmeni with omul in the form of fish, with raspberries, fried with mushrooms and onions. In addition, mantas were presented, and not only classic, but also black ones - with cuttlefish ink. The festival ended with the traditional battle of eaters of pelmeni and rewarding the winners.  

The ‘Agricultural Week’ exhibition will last till October 27. All this time there will be the ‘Fruitful Angara’ agricultural fair, where it will be possible to buy the freshest production of more than 45 farm enterprises and subsidiary husbandries from Irkutsk Region at the prices of producers. Also on the open area there will take place the stock-raising exhibition-fair and the exhibition of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Participants and visitors of the exhibition are expected by the highly topical business programme which includes round tables, meetings and presentations. One of the discussion platforms is devoted to sustainable development of rural territories of Irkutsk Region in 2014-2020. It is possible to study the programme of events on the page of the exhibition in more detail.

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