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On October 3, the ‘Siberian Health Care’ and ‘Dentistry’ exhibitions opened in Sibexpocentre


On October 3, the 24th ‘Siberian Health Care’ and 9th ‘Dentistry’ exhibitions began their work in Sibexpocentre. The events covering all segments of modern healthcare are traditionally located in two pavilions of the exhibition complex and on the open area.

Sergey Levchenko, Governor of Irkutsk Region made a welcome speech at the opening ceremony of the exhibitions and handed honorable certificates to health care workers for achievements in the field of health care: 

- I would like to note that in recent years these exhibitions have received an additional impetus of development thanks to new events. For the second time within the ‘Siberian Health Care’ exhibition there will be meetings of schoolchildren and entrants with the leaders of medical organisations of Irkutsk Region in Irkutsk State Medical University. It will allow to attract as many young people as possible in this noble profession.   

I also think that those new preventive and diagnostic measures that have appeared in the exhibition programme are an important and necessary issue for all residents of Irkutsk Region. Within the exhibition, everyone can get medical advice, take medical testing, have their tests and improve their physical condition. I would like to thank Sibexpocentre for the fact that the events are held steadily for already 24 years and I would like to wish that today's exhibitions will be helpful.


Andrei Labygin, Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Irkutsk Region, Chairman of the Health and Social Protection Committee of the Legislative Assembly of Irkutsk Region noted that often residents of Irkutsk Region independently prescribe medicines, diagnose themselves, and require a referrals for tests and procedures that they consider necessary, based on their experience. However, modern methods of treatment and diagnosis permit you to do all this in a shorter time and at a higher quality level. ‘Today's exhibition permits us to demonstrate the achievements of not only domestic, but regional health care, to show the latest technologies and equipment to a wide range of region residents. The most important thing is to demonstrate all this from the part of those who work in medicine and stand sentinel over the health of the residents of Irkutsk Region,’ Andrei Labygin emphasised.


Then, Oleg Yaroshenko, Minister of Health of Irkutsk Region made a welcome speech before the guests and participants of the exhibitions:

- From October 3 till October 6 at the cozy area of Sibexpocentre the best medical organisations of Irkutsk Region, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk will share their experiences, achievements and latest innovations, and most importantly they will provide all the necessary consultative and diagnostic assistance to the residents of the region. In addition, as Sergey Levchenko already said, the fair of vacancies will take place at the stand of Irkutsk State Medical University for the second time, where an unprecedented number of graduates will gather. They will be addressed by the head doctors and heads of the profile departments, and most importantly, the mayors of the municipalities of Irkutsk Region will tell them about the measures of social support which are provided for attraction of the medical specialists to municipalities.

It is also very important for us that we involve our future turn – schoolchildren. Right after the job fair, at the stand of Irkutsk State Medical University there will be professional orientation lessons of future doctors, paramedics, nurses which will also be addressed by former students and newly called  into the 58 thousand army of health care workers.

In addition, Oleg Yaroshenko told about all the opportunities which will be given this year at the exhibition by mobile diagnostic complexes, located on the open area of Sibexpocentre. He also noted that the population has become more attentive to their health and every year more and more appeals to such type of medical assistance as preventive examination.

Andrei Shapovalov, Director General of Sibexpocentre OJSC thanked everyone who took part in the preparation of this annual holiday and congratulated all those present with the opening of the exhibition.

It is important to say that a large-scale business programme is planned within the exhibition programme including seminars and workshops for specialists, on which problems of prevention and treatment of diseases will be discussed. One of the important events will also be the Dental Forum for Specialists, within which the ‘Aesthetic Dentistry’ therapeutic symposium is planned.

Part of the events took place in the first day of work of the exhibitions. The key event of the business programme became the meeting of the board of the Ministry of Health of Irkutsk Region which gathered health workers from all over Irkutsk Region.


Within work of the ‘Siberian Health Care’ and ‘Dentistry’ exhibitions during four days everyone will be able to visit the preventive platform, which works in the second pavilion of the exhibition complex and on the open area. In particular, it is possible to pass a preventive examination by means of rapid diagnostic methods, found out the level of cholesterol and sugar in blood, HIV status, measure blood pressure, to make a fluorography and also get advice of doctors.

In the second pavilion of Sibexpocentre on the stands E226 and E222 it is possible to pass the first stage of clinical examination. In 2017 dispensary inspection is entitled to all who were born in the following years: 1918, 1921, 1924, 1927, 1930, 1933, 1936, 1939, 1942, 1945, 1948, 1951, 1954, 1957, 1960, 1963, 1966, 1969, 1972,1975, 1978, 1981, 1984, 1987, 1990, 1993, 1996, 1999. ‘The first stage of medical examination is an important milestone that allows you to know your health status and plan further steps to strengthen it or treat it properly,’ - Oleg Yaroshenko, Minister of Health of Irkutsk Region noted. 

An opportunity to get vaccination against flu is extremely relevant in the autumn season. By the way, right after opening ceremony of the exhibition, the Governor traditionally took this occasion and visited the mobile immunoprophylaxis cabinet.

Within the exhibition from October 4 till October 6 for all comers in the second pavilion there will also be master classes on the bases of healthy lifestyle, risk factors and prevention of many diseases, refusal of smoking, etc.

It is to be recalled that the ‘Siberian healthcare’ and ‘Dentistry’ exhibitions will work till October 6 inclusive.



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