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September 29 the 24th International ‘Forest Management. Wood Working Industry of Siberia. Wooden House Construction’ exhibition completed its work in Sibexpocentre


On September 26-29, the 24th international specialised ‘Forest Management. Wood Working Industry of Siberia. Wooden House Construction’ exhibition was held in Sibexpocentre Exhibition Complex. For 4 days representatives of forestry business from Russia, Germany, China, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Austria presented at the exhibition a wide range of woodworking and forestry equipment, multiple saws, drying tunnel, various tools and many other things.

On the open area of Sibexpocentre Exhibition Complex the outsizal equipment of the following brands were presented: Shehwa, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Ponsse, Timbery, Wood-Mizer, Meusburger Novtrak, MetalMizer, etc. In the form of entertaining interaktiv the power, accuracy, high technological effectiveness of the modern equipment and its numerous opportunities were demonstrated to visitors.


Also transport-forwarding, construction, furniture companies presented their services at the exhibition. Visitors received detailed advice on design and construction of wooden houses from the rounded log, chopped log and glued laminated lumber.

This year within the exhibition there was the second regional forest forum organised by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Government of Irkutsk Region and Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Russia. The forum was opened with the round table ‘Future of the Forest Complex of Siberia: a Look from Irkutsk Region’, organised by the Ministry of Forestry of Irkutsk Region and the Youth and Government of Irkutsk Region. At the event strategy and tactics of transformation of forest branch of Siberia to the high-tech industry, problems of illegal deforestation in Irkutsk Region, possible consequences of transformation of forest branch into the bioforest industry, innovative production of wood-coal briquettes and also other hot topics of the forest branch were discussed.   

The enlarged meeting of the Council for Development of the Timber Processing Complex of Irkutsk Region became the second event within the business programme of the forum at which relevant for the forest enterprises topics of wood harvesting, exchange transactions with it were raised and also the first results of the realisation in the territory of Irkutsk Region of the priority pilot project on marking of the wood were considered.


The forum has come to the end with the ‘Forest Complex of Irkutsk Region: Present and Future’ plenary session which organiser was the Government of Irkutsk Region. Sergey Levchenko, Governor of Irkutsk Region addressed to the participants of the Forum with welcome speech. He also wished productive work, active comprehensive and open discussion, reasonable weighed decisions to all participants:

— Dear colleagues, I thank all participants and guests of the second regional forest forum for attention to the problems of development of timber processing complex and readiness for joint search of ways of their decision. The forest forum has brought together the most active representatives of the branch. Following the results of the first forum a great job has been done, a number of tasks were created, considerable part of which is solved today. The second regional forest forum not only has continued the work on the questions raised a year ago but also has expanded the programme captured a circle of subjects, problems and prospects of forest branch of the region. The great scope of work is done, however, there are still a lot of problematic issues in the forest sphere.

During the meeting Sergey Vasheverda, Minister of the Forest Complex of Irkutsk Region told about the results of execution of instructions of the first Regional forest forum. Besides, the subject of payment of taxes by the enterprises of the forest complex of the region, results and prospects of their export activity were considered. Evgeny Bakurov, President of the Association of Timber Producers and Exporters of Irkutsk Region told about the first results of the Association of Timber Producers and Exporters of Irkutsk Region created last year.


On the open area of Sibexpocentre within the Forum there was the ‘Woodcutter’ demonstration performances organised by the Ministry of Timber Complex of Irkutsk Region and the Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Russia. Representatives of two companies, the largest producers of the logging tool – Stihl Company and Husqvarna Company participated in performances. They have shown performance of three exercises: preparation of a saw for work against the clock, exercises for timber cross cutting accuracy and for combined timber cross cutting.

As it was noted more than a few times during the business programme of the Forum, the questions of wood preservation and reforestation are paid a lot of attention now. This fact found its reflection also in the exhibition exposition. The Center of Wood Protection of Irkutsk Region - branch of the Roslezashchita Federal State-Funded Institution presented at their stand the results of work in the sphere of wood protection against blasts and diseases, in the sphere of woods reproduction. Visitors of the exhibition were able to obtain detailed information on various blasts, take seeds of the main forest forming breeds of Irkutsk Region at the stand and receive recommendations about their cultivation.


Moreover, one of the visitors directly at the exhibition reported about the centre of drying up of larch near the MRS, and the staff of the ‘Centre of Protection of Wood of Irkutsk Region’ recorded this information. So everyone can address to the Centre by helpline 8(3952) 33-19-75.

The stand of the Ministry of Timber Complex of Irkutsk Region became one of the most beautiful and drawing attention, for 4 days there were interesting and informative activities for visitors. Employees of various departments of the Ministry held consultations on the events in case of fire in the woods, fields, peat bogs, on concluding agreements of sale and purchase of forest ranges, filling out and submission of the forest declaration, reports on timber use, implementation of priority investment projects in the field of forest development, organisation of reforestation on the forest reserve lands and many other issues.


Besides, the exhibits from the Wood Museum were presented at the stand. Within the exposition it was possible to see samples of forest flora and fauna, equipment used in forestry many years ago, historical documents which are more than 100 years old: forest management cards, albums about activity of forestries of Irkutsk Region. The saw cuts of a fir, pine, fir-tree, larch, birch, aspen presented at the stand were acted as emphasis in the exposition decoration.

Also at the stand of the Ministry of Timber Complex of Irkutsk Region the ‘Grow Up Your Wood’ project was presented within which during 4 days more than 1000 annual seedlings of a pine, fir-tree, larch and cedar were free of charge distributed to visitors of the exhibition. At the stand it was possible to take also seeds of the Scotch pine. Accompanied to seedlings everyone received the detailed instruction for landing and further handling, the staff of the ministry answered a set of questions, made recommendations.


Valentina Shchepetneva, Head of the Department of Wood Reproduction of the Ministry of Timber Complex of Irkutsk Region:

— We present the ‘Grow Up Your Wood’ project at the exhibition for the second year. It is valuable that it draws special attention of visitors as it is very important to keep and restore the wood today. Last year people asked more cedar, fir-trees, and we have considered all wishes. It was important for us that everyone was able to left the exhibition with a seedling. And so it happened. A lot of people want their children have planted a seedling and saw how it grows together with them, learned to look after it and appreciate forest resources of the region.


Besides, for 4 days the exposition and events of the business programme were visited by students of the highest and special educational institutions of the city, future experts of forestry, game managers, builders.

— The exhibition is very interesting, represents a set of kinds of the modern logging and processing equipment and also technologies of use of waste of the forest industry that now is very important to be developed in our region and in the country in general. Thus, children were able to see visually what occurs in the forest industry, and students of older years recieved an opportunity to learn directly about the possible vacancies and options of employment — Aleksandr Povarintsev, Senior Teacher of the Institute of Management of Natural Resources of Irkutsk State Agrarian University named after A.A. Ezhevsky, Faculty of Game Management noted.


The exhibition completed its work with traditional summing up the competition on the best exhibitor. Summing up the results, Natalya Tretyakova, Deputy Head of the Department of Exhibitions Organisation of Sibexpocentre expressed sincere gratitude to participants of the exhibition for the interesting expositions, active work, presented technologies, equipment, technics and services.

Then the participants were handed diplomas and also gold and silver stars of Sibexpocentre. The highest awards – Grand Prix of the exhibition was awarded to the DMI SERVICE LLC.

Gold Stars of the exhibition were handed to: the Ministry of Timber Complex of Irkutsk Region, ESTERER WD GMBH, ELAND LLC, NOVTRAK CJSC, KAMI Machine-Tool Purchasing Association, ALTAILESTEKHMASH LLC, Wood-Mizer Industries LLC, Conpany-NB LLC, BIOS Company, RBA-SIBERIA LLC, BAIKAL-AUTOTRACK-SERVICE LLC, POLITRANS LLC Production and Commercial Firm, Volvo Vostok JSC.

Silver Stars of the exhibition were awarded to: Ilim Group OJSC, WOOD PROFI MASHINERI, KVARNSTRANDS VERKTYG AB, MYULBOK-VANICHEK Company, Stroidomeksport LLC, the general information partner - Forest Complex of Siberia magazine.


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