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The ‘Forest Management. Wood Working Industry of Siberia. Wooden House Construction’ exhibition began its work in Sibexpocentre on September 26


The 24th international ‘Forest Management. Wood Working Industry of Siberia. Wooden House Construction’ exhibition of equipment, technologies, materials and production of the logging, woodworking industries and wooden housing construction was opened on September 26 in Sibexpocentre.

The event helps the enterprises of timber complex, machine-building and construction companies, consumers of timber processing products to exchange experience, establish cooperation, demonstrate their achievements and get opportunities for technical re-equipment of the industry.

Viktor Kondrashov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of Irkutsk Region made a welcome speech at the opening ceremony of the exhibition:

- This year within the 24th international exhibition the second forest forum of Irkutsk Region will take place. I remember well how it all began last year. We were worried whether the chosen format would be successful, so we invited everyone engaged in the industry to visit the event. As a result, a lot of criticism and wishes were received and rolled up our sleeves we worked the whole year. I believe that this year's forum will also become the next reporting stage for work both of the Ministry of Forestry of Irkutsk Region and the entire forest branch of the region.

In addition, I would like to thank all workers of the forest branch, for their work for the benefit of the development of the region. The forest branch plays an important role in the regional economy, its share in regional exports makes about 40%. And all this huge work is done by 35 thousand people engaged in this field.

Kuzma Aldarov, Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Irkutsk Region, Chairman of the Use of Natural Resources, Ecology and Agriculture Legislation Committee greeted the participants and organisers of the exhibition on behalf of the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Irkutsk Region, deputies of the regional parliament and emphasised that the issues of forest conservation and reforestation are currently being paid a lot of attention:

- We understand the great responsibility of all branches of power in matters of conservation and careful use of forest resources. Russia is a really high forest cover country, over 80% of the territory in our country is covered with forests. Our task is to preserve these forests for future generations. That work, which is conducted by the Government of Irkutsk Region and deputies of the Legislative Assembly makes certain success. 

This year deputies of the Legislative Assembly have adopted the law by which they have restored wood receipt and delivery connections. Also, the law on the harvesting of wood by citizens of Irkutsk Region was finalized. Just a week ago at the committee we have made the decision to support and send to the Board of Legislators of Federal Assembly of Russia the initiative of the Governor of Irkutsk Region about the delegation of power on control and use of forest resources on the level of the territorial subject of the Russian Federation. All these initiatives are aimed at ensuring that our forests remain the treasure for future generations.


Konstantin Shavrin, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Eastern Siberia has expressed a wish that the forthcoming forum contribute to the development of the forest industry and also has emphasised that on such events it is necessary to involve as much as possible representatives of the small and medium-sized enterprises working in the sphere of wood processing.

Andrey Shapovalov, Director General of Sibexpocentre OJSC expressed gratitude to all co-organisers and participants of the exhibition: 

- On behalf of Sibexpocentre, I want to thank everyone, wish you productive participation in a busy business programme and very much hope that at the exhibition 2018 we will meet again.

At the end of the opening ceremony officials went through the exposition, and then the first event within the business programme of the Forest Forum took place - The Future of the Siberian Forest Complex: A Look from Irkutsk Region’ round table organised by the Ministry of Timber Complex of Irkutsk Region and the Youth and Government of Irkutsk Region. At the event the strategy and tactics of transformation of forest branch of Siberia to the high-tech industry, problems of illegal deforestation in Irkutsk Region, possible consequences of transformation of forest branch into the bioforest industry, innovative production of wood-coal briquettes and also other hot topics of the forest branch were discussed.


Besides, on September 26 on the open area of Sibexpocentre there were presentations and demonstrations of logging, woodworking equipment from the leading producers of global renown.


It should be reminded that the exhibition will work till September 29 inclusive.


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