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Our partners


New Year is right around the corner

Great opportunity to purchase exclusive gifts and souvenirs, and also various delicacies to a New Year's table was provided to the visitors of the ‘New Year's Gift Fair. Comfortable House’ exhibition which was held on December 10-18 in Sibexpocentre.

New Year - a time of miracles

New Year is a time of miracles and magic, time when the fairy tale comes to our house and we dream and believe that all our wishes by all means will come true. On the eve of this holiday, we with great warmth and love choose gifts for our loved ones, friends and colleagues. The unchanged and favorite place for such pleasant purchases is the ‘New Year's Gift Fair. Comfortable House’ exhibition, which opened in Sibexpocentre on December 10.

Press release of the ‘New Year's Gift Fair. Comfortable House’ exhibition

The most fantastic, magic and festive ‘New Year's Gift Fair. Comfortable House’ exhibition will be held on December 10-18, 2016 in Sibexpocentre Irkutsk Exhibition Complex. The First Baikal Festival of Air Balloons ‘Winter's Tale’ will become the main event of the exhibition.

The World of Style and Beauty exhibition finished its work in Sibexpocentre

Visitors of the exposition could get acquainted with beauty-industry novelties, buy popular cosmetics and consumable materials, choose stylish accessories, and also participate in numerous master classes and look at interesting events of highly topical programme of the exhibition.

Visitors of the World of Style and Beauty exhibition will be able to learn visual change secrets

The World of Style and Beauty specialised exhibition of goods and services opened on November 15 in Sibexpocentre. For the tenth time beauty industry professionals came together at the platform of the exhibition complex to demonstrate their skills and participate in the Championships, show novelties of the industry and also advertise their products and services.

The best contribution to the future is purchase of the real estate!

The 15th anniversary ‘Realty Fair. Mortgages. Loans’ exhibition demonstrating the housing market of Irkutsk Region, other cities of Russia and the nearby countries, finished its work on November 5 in Sibexpocentre. More than 80 companies from Irkutsk, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk and St. Petersburg took part in the work of the exposition

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