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October 23 2019

Welcome to the large-scale exhibition "Agricultural Week"!

On October 22nd , the anniversary exhibition of t agricultural industry, “Agro-Industrial Week”, opened at Sibexpocentre. The event brought together more than 100 organizations, including representatives of well-known brands and local manufacturers of products. When there is such an abundance around, eyes are scattered from the huge amount of products offered. This dairy, meat and bakery products, fruits and nuts, various fish and all kinds of frozen products, as well as products of our own crop of gardeners and more.


On October 22nd , the grand opening of the exhibition took place, at which the Governor of the Irkutsk Region Sergey Levchenko made a welcoming speech:

Congratulations to all with the opening of anniversary exhibition "Agricultural Week"! Today you are gathered to show each other your results and share experience, and we, in turn, will award the best. I think that the base that we are laying down in recent years will certainly give results. Our export increases by 25%, which is very important for the agricultural industry. We have introduced new programs, so we have good prospects. I want to note that the agriculture of Irkutsk region should look forward with confidence 3.JPG

After that, Sergey Levchenko presented the well-deserved awards according to the results of participation in the competition "For achieving high results in the development of small business forms and sustainable development of rural territories" in the framework of the 21st Russian agricultural exhibition «Golden Autumn-2019».


The Minister of Agriculture of Irkutsk Region Ilya Sumarokov also welcomed the guests and participants of the exhibition:

This is the biggest event that takes place on the territory of the Irkutsk region. I am very glad that this time, and it is our anniversary, there are a lot of visitors and participants. This year we are breaking new records - we already have 13 municipal districts that are taking part. Traditionally, the exhibition has representatives in the field of agribusiness education, federal structures, scientific organizations. Indeed, the scale of the exhibition is growing, and this suggests that the agro-industrial complex of the Irkutsk region is developing, shows results, and the region’s residents are interested in agriculture 5.JPG

Andrey Shapovalov congratulated everyone with the opening of the exhibition:

I congratulate you all on holiday! The exhibition "Agroindustrial Week" is held in anniversary 25 times. We are very glad to see everyone again at the Sibexpocentre site. Thanks to the Ministry for support and holding of the event, for the rich business program. This is truly a very important and significant event. I declare the exhibition open! 6.JPG

At the end of the solemn part of the opening of the exhibition, a walk around the exhibits of the participants took place. The official delegation visited the stands of the representatives of the districts and noted their great contribution to the development of the agro-industrial complex. Exhibitors demonstrated their own products, offered to try their products, sang songs, greeted with verses and treated to lush loaves.


The exhibition "Agricultural Week" is famous for its rich business program. Every day, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Irkutsk Region will hold round tables, dedicated on important issues of agro-industrial complex. So, on the opening day, October 22, a meeting of the Union of Rural Women on the topic: « Peasant dynasties of Pribaikalye - connection of times ». The moderators and guests of the event managed to discuss problems and raise issues related to agricultural activities of the population.


At the stands of the participants, people are crowding, and someone even came to take a sample, taste and give their assessment of the prepared dishes. So, for example, Anetti Culinary Studio organized a master class from the best chefs in Irkutsk. The head of the studio Anna Loginova notes: «We are very pleased to host such an event again. The first one took place this spring, and now we are holding it again at the Sibexpocentre site, for which we are very grateful to the organizers of the exhibition. Why are we conducting a master class? We want to show our Irkutsk citizens that you can prepare restaurant dishes by yourself, and it is easy and affordable.».


Undoubtedly, the event is a truly large-scale and significant event in the Irkutsk region. After all, here are the largest producers of local products, as well as the best gardeners representing their harvest. We suggest you to visit not only tasty, but also useful exhibition “Agroindustrial Week” and try something new!

The exhibition will be working from October 22nd to 24th from 10 to 18 hours, October 25th to 17 hours.

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